Plating Solutions

Following the drilling processes (laser or mechanical), it is important to clean and prepare the hole wall surface for metallization. Our Laser Direct Drill Splash Removal and Permanganate processes enhance the surface area of the hole wall prior to low build copper deposition (electroless copper). Low build copper is protected and built up by electrolytic plating (flash), horizontally or vertically. Our electrolytic processes include through-hole filling, Blind or Buried MV filling, conformal plating and pattern plating. Supported by our Lab and Quality Teams, our reliability and coverage consistency is monitored regularly through in-situ measurements, cross-section, analytics, and stress tests.

Surface finishes available, compatible with soldering or wire bonding, are; electroless nickel and immersion gold (ENIG), soft gold, tin lead or hot air solder leveling solder.

Future development will include ENEPIG and EPAG.

Our Process